Molybdenum Standards

All of our standards are prepared from real ores or blends of real ore with ore concentrates

StandardAu  g/tCu  %Mo %Ag g/tS %SourceInventoryCertificate
CDN-CM-31   -0.0840.009 **0.5 **3.81Porphyry type deposit150 kgDownload
CDN-CM-370.171 **0.2120.02661.28**Porphyry type deposit100 kgDownload
CDN-CM-32-0.2340.0231.4 **2.22Porphyry type deposit300 kgDownload
CDN-CM-33-0.3460.0252.3 **2.29Porphyry type deposit250 kgDownload
CDN-CM-401.310.5610.0618Miscellenious low S ores340 kgDownload
CDN-CM-34-0.5780.033.73.01Porphyry type deposit190 kgDownload
CDN-CM-270.6360.5920.051-Miscellenious low S ores180 kgDownload
CDN-CM-380.9420.6860.01816Porphyry type deposit100 kgDownload
CDN-CM-290.720.7420.053-1.7Miscellenious low S ores130 kgDownload
CDN-CM-220.7180.9950.02-Miscellenious low S ores140 kgDownload
CDN-CM-151.2531.280.054-Miscellenious low S ores60 kgDownload
CDN-CM-281.381.360.027-Miscellenious low S ores20 kgDownload
CDN-CM-411.61.71<0.0018Minto Mine, Hydrothermal Cu/Au 610 kgDownload
CDN-CM-19 low S ores70 kgDownload
CDN-CM-18    5.322.420.247 **-Miscellenious low S ores370 kgDownload
CDN-MoS-1--0.065-Endako Mine
300 kgDownload

** Please Note:

1) CDN-CM-18 : Mo value is “provisional” (RSD = 6.0%)
2) CDN-CGS-30 : Au value is “provisional” (RSD = 7.1%)
3) CDN-CM-31 : Ag value is “indicated” (RSD = 18.5%)
4) CDN-CM-31 : Mo value is “provisional” (RSD = 7.3%)
5) CDN-CM-32 : Ag value is “provisional” (RSD = 8.9%)
6) CDN-CM-33 : Ag value is “provisional” (RSD = 7.1%)
7) CDN-CM-37 : Au value is “provisional” (RSD = 6.8%)
8) CDN-CM-37: Ag value is “provisional” (RSD = 10.5%)

Standards with an RSD of near or less than 5 % are certified, RSD’s of between 5 % and 15 % are Provisional, and RSD’s over 15 % are Indicated. Provisional and Indicated values cannot be used to monitor accuracy with a high degree of certainty.

Updates: 20-April- 2020