Copper Concentrate Standard

All of our standards are prepared from real ores or blends of real ore with ore concentrates

StandardAu  g/tAg  g/tCu  %Fe  %S  %InventoryCertificate
CDN-MPC-16010.45828.627.8330.4334.55190 Kg (5980 x 35g)Download
CDN-MPC-160231.647.823.7826.8229.25150 Kg  (4300 x 35g)Download
CDN-MPC-17014.56 (Inst.)
4.65 (Grav.)
29.8 **23.4331.7335.85 130Kg  (4720 x 35g)Download

** Please Note:
1) CDN-MPC-1701 : Ag value is “provisional” (RSD = 7.3%)

Standards with an RSD of near or less than 5 % are certified, RSD’s of between 5 % and 15 % are Provisional, and RSD’s over 15 % are Indicated. Provisional and Indicated values cannot be used to monitor accuracy with a high degree of certainty.